Producing food photo shoots for magazines and online publications is second nature to me, but it wasn't always the case. People often ask, where do you get your inspiration? or where did you come up with that idea? My reply is always the same "it starts with the food". Photographic food stories start with working out what's in season, thinking about flavours and brainstorming ideas with fellow creatives on how we can develop a recipe which is interesting and will (hopefully) challenge the status quo. When photographing food, we always look at the colours of the food, what will work with those colours with the props and what time of the year the food shoot will be published. It is all up for consideration from the get go.

Fortunately for me, inspiration is not too far away, in fact I have a great family owned and operated local greengrocer right around the corner called, Figtree Grocer. They are well known for their premium fresh produce, gourmet products and friendly service, they will even walk your box of goodies to you car, now that's service.

The produce is in bountiful supply and is carefully displayed by on the shelves by staff and owners alike. The care that goes into product placement is evident as you cruise though the aisles. This is the type of place where you are encouraged to taste the produce with slices of cut fruit available to try.

I always recommend Figtree to my friends in the food industry, as they will go out of their way to find the rarest ingredient, you can't find elsewhere and you can be assured when you place your order the day before it will be ready very early in the morning the next day. Figtree Green Grocer have a truck which travels out to Sydney markets regularly to deliver the freshest produce for their clientele. 

This local greengrocer also has a fabulous range of cheeses, meat products, nuts, sweets as well as organic and gluten free products. This is a one stop shop for your last minute Friday night drinks with friends, as you can easily pick up cheese, dips, olives and extra goodies for your antipasto platter. A huge selection of ready made meals, pies, frozen pasta, gourmet ice cream and the like can be found in the freezer section, it is hard to leave this joint with fresh produce alone! Being family run, owners, Sam and Joe Cessario like to support small local suppliers. Each year they have the Figtree Fine Food Fair, where you can meet the producers and sample their products available in the shop. They also team up with other local shops so everyone feels included. Lane Cove is such a great community to live in.

Figtree Greengrocer

Rear of 229 Burns Bay Road (Cnr. Beatrice Street), Lane Cove West 2066
Ph: 9420 2111

Words and images by Anne Marie Cummins

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